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Last modified on Thu, Nov 18, 2010


Mac Crack Attack is a port of Crack Attack to the Mac OS X platform. Crack Attack is based on the Super Nintendo classic Tetris Attack. New in the mac version is sound, full-screen mode and some native Cocoa interfaces.

Mac Crack Attack is a fast paced "Tetris-like" game for one or two players (networked). See Game Play and Screen Shots for further details.

Mac Crack Attack is open-source software and is licensed under the GNU General Public License. The sources are available for download via CVS from Sourceforge. As such this software is provided free if charge but if you like this software and would like to see more like it, please consider donating some money to Sourceforge via PayPal.

What's New

Version 1.1.5 released. Updated to work with newer versions of Mac OS X and reduce CPU consumption by limiting the frame rate (May 1, 2017).

Official release for Intel platform released. Fixed one issue with broken localized strings in the previous release (Nov 18, 2010). Support for PPC discontinued. Requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

Binary release for Intel contributed by Christoph Dalitz (Feb 12, 2007)

Fixed bug that caused game to displayed during pause. Added a dialog on first launch to query for using automatic version managing. Changed printouts on stderr to use the Alert class to display messages in an OS appropriate way. New/End Game menus are now enabled/disabled correctly. (Dec 28, 2005)

Fixed high score save probelm and made it possible to disable version checking in version 1.1.2 (Dec 05, 2004)

Added a FAQ to the web page (Dec 04, 2004)

Fixed bug that caused hang on startup if no network was available in version 1.1.1 (Nov 28, 2004)

Minor fixes released in version 1.1 (Nov 27, 2004).


Mac Crack Attack v1.1.3 (PPC)
Mac Crack Attack v1.1.5 (Intel)


The following system requirements must be met if you want to play Mac Crack Attack.

• Any Macintosh that is capable of running Mac OS X and has 3D graphics hardware support.
• Mac OS X 10.2 or greater, Mac OS X 10.6 or greater for version 1.1.5 and later.

Screen Shots



For more screen shots see the Crack Attack screen shot section.

Game Play

For a description of the game and help on how to play it see the Crack Attack game play section.



Q: I'd like to share the high score file with other users on my machine soo that we may compete. However all user acounts get its own high score file.
A: Mac Crack Attack stores its highscore list in the users home directory in the directory ~/.crack-attack/. To have several users share a single highscore you could make ~/.crack-attack/ point to a shared directory. To do this, firs run MCA as one user to create the directory ~/.crack-attack/. Then move this directory to /Users/Shared/ by invoking mv ~/.crack-attack /Users/Shared/mca_data in the terminal. Give everyone access to the mca_data directory and its files by typing chmod -R a+rwx /Users/Shared/mca_data in the terminal. Now, for each user that want to share the highscore type cd && ln -s /Users/Shared/mca_data .crack-attack in the terminal. Now you should have a symbolic link to the shared directory.


Mac Crack Attack is maintained by Daniel Aarno - macbishop@users.sourceforge.net.
Please feel free to contact me with questions, bug reports and encouraging words.

Known Bugs

Please report any bugs you find that are not listed here:

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